Friday, June 22, 2018

Stream Study Duck Creek 
One sunny afternoon last year we went to Duck Creek across the road. The whole Hoiho class went to look at Invertebrates in the water. They were finding if the water is dirty or clean. Some of the invertebrates First the Hoiho Class got into groups and went to the gate. After that they went across the road to Duck Creek. When the whole Hoiho Class went across the road to Duck Creek there was a small problem because there was a small fence in the way, but luckily the teachers bought a peg so the children could get under the fence. The Last thing we did is get some Invertebrates in the jars and put the lips on top. The Hoiho class took the invertebrate back to school and looked at them to see if they were bad or good. I am wondering what Kokatahi-Kowhitirangi going to do next to help the environment. The Envirogroup might plant more trees, Flaxes and flowers to sell to get more and more money for the environment.

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