Friday, August 25, 2017

We were learning about how the Maori guardians brought water to New Zealand.
We were learning a Maori song called E Nga iwi and had to know what it means in English.

Duck Creek Report

We are learning about Duck Creek.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Maths Measurement

We are learning to do measurements for maths.

Why Water is so important

                             Why is water so important
Water is important because it keeps us healthy and powers our brains. We need water to wash our cars, growing crops and drinking it. Water is important because it has so many jobs.

Animals need water to survive just like people. Some animals need to live in water to survive. In the fresh healthy water, you will find insects that help to keep our water healthy.  Wild horses need to look for a river to
find water to drink.

Water keeps us hydrated and helps us to live so don’t waste it because other people from other countries have to drink dirty water. In New Zealand,  we get nice clean water so be wise about water. Water is nice and refreshing.

Water is important because it can grow crops for farming and help the environment.  Water is also used to water grass, to feed animals.The environment is when they look after the plants on the field.  

Water is important because we drink it and we have to keep it clean and healthy. We use water to wash clothes, as well as ourselves.


We are learning to find and retell the main idea in a text. Understand and process new vocabulary.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Limerick Poem

In class, we have been learning to do limerick poems.
There was a boy called Isaac who is very small.
Isaac is very cute but I am so tall.
Isaac likes to play in the pool.
Isaac likes to play with a tool.
But in the end, he will always choose a ball.